Should You Buy a Used Printer?

If you are starting your own contracting and construction business, you need to buy equipment and a lot of it. It can be tempting to cut corners and buy used items, but this can be the wrong move when it comes to electronics like large format printers or plotters. Some things to consider when thinking about buying used instead of new: is the technology too old for your needs, why is the company getting rid of it and will you be able to find someone to repair it when it goes down? It’s a good idea to look into printer repair washington dc before you make an important equipment purchase.

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Past Its Prime

One important consideration when purchasing used equipment is the amount of support available. Is the software still supported and will you be able to get updates? Also, will the used equipment work with other system components such as computers? A low-priced item won’t save you money if it won’t interface with your existing system.

A Lemon in Disguise

Why is the seller trying to unload this equipment? Maybe they purchased it by mistake but it will work for you, or perhaps it has never worked right and they are trying to unload it. Look online for recalls and check out chat rooms to see if other companies have had difficulties with this model.

Repair Challenge

If you have found a printer that will work with your system and seems to be in good shape, be sure to contact a printer repair company to make sure parts are still available when it needs to be serviced in the future. If you can’t buy parts for it, it won’t do you any good. This is also a good time to form a good relationship with a printer repair service because you will need to call them when your equipment goes down, and you want to be sure they will be there for you.

If you are very careful to check the item out for compatibility, reliability and repairability, you can save money on used equipment for your business.