Try These Tricks If Your Smartphone or Tablet Dies

Twenty years ago, cell phones were still fairly rare, and the idea of using them to access the internet was a crazy dream. Fast forward ten years. If you think about how far smartphone and tablet technology has come in the last decade, it’s pretty remarkable. Devices are now water-resistant or even waterproof, have stereo speakers and Bluetooth technology. Even so, they can still sustain serious damage. If you crack the screen, you will need iPad glass replacement Houston. You might be surprised, however, that these tricks will often work if the damage is less severe,

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Software Updates

If your device is experiencing strange behavior, your first move before bringing it in for iPad Glass Replacement Houston should be to check for a software update. If one is available, download and install it, but always be careful to let it complete. A half downloaded or installed update can wreak havoc on a mobile device’s operating system.


Charging Issues

Dirt and dust can build up in your device’s charging port over time. This can cause sync and charging issues with your phone and tablet. You can purchase a can of compressed air with a straw-like fixture which can be safely sprayed to loosen some of it up. If that doesn’t work, you can carefully try using a thin toothpick, but never use a metal object like a paper clip or needle! Also, make sure your charging cable is not frayed, as this can cause charging and sync problems.


Physical Damage

Even with water-resistant advances, a submerged device can be flooded out. A dropped, thrown, or stepped-on device may need iPad glass replacement Houston. The best thing you can do is take it into a certified repair shop as soon as possible. You may be surprised how much they can do to restore it!