Fluidizer Blenders Offer Improved Mixing Performance

If your business includes industrial mixing, then you know the importance of choosing the right equipment for the job. Although ribbon blenders and paddle blenders are two of the most popular types of industrial mixers used in America, fluidizer blenders provide better performance and more versatility.

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Industrial Blenders

Much engineering research has gone into producing effective and efficient industrial mixing equipment. When you are choosing which industrial mixer to purchase, it is important to consider both your financial situation and the design features of the different types of industrial mixers. Rather than just going with the more popular options, also investigate options that are less common but have better features.

Ribbon Blenders and Paddle Blenders

Ribbon blenders and paddle blenders are both very popular in American industry. Ribbon blenders are the most popular and low-cost type of industrial blender available. They can mix nearly anything, including soil, foods, chemicals and other substances. Like ribbon blenders, paddle blenders are low-cost. However, paddle blenders provide a gentler mixing of items and are best suited for food combinations such as sauces and salads.

Fluidizer Blenders

Fluidizer blenders are relatively new in American industry. Whereas paddle blenders offer gentler mixing than ribbon blenders, fluidizer blenders mix much faster. The addition of a Variable Frequency Drive to a fluidizer blender gives it the capacity for gentle mixing too, except at a faster speed than paddle blenders.

Fluidizer blenders are somewhat more expensive than ribbon blenders and paddle blenders, but fluidizers can mix a wider variety of items and are faster. The superior speed and versatility of fluidizer blenders makes them a better investment in the long run.

If you’re planning to purchase a new industrial blender, ribbon blenders and paddle blenders are still viable options. However, if you have some additional resources, consider purchasing a fluidizer blender and reap the benefits of its greater speed and versatility.