CNC Technology in Medical Device Manufacturing

Most of us know someone who has had a surgical operation to replace or repair a part of their body. Common methods involve hardware such as screws or plates that are implanted to improve the lives of those affected. Computer Numerical Control technology plays a large role in the creation of the parts. Read on for some examples of medical devices that milling machines and cnc milling software help generate.

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Orthopedic Devices

The majority of devices produced for orthopedic use are crafted using metal. Titanium and stainless steel are the most popular materials for these types of parts. Trochanteric reattachment devices are used to repair fractures in the femur and hip areas. They are milled precisely from solid bars of metal using programs that are input into the machines by CNC operators. Other products include bone plates to repair compound fractures and parts used in knee and hip replacements.

Spinal Products

The same principles of milling are used when producing components for the spinal area of the body. Pieces are milled from both plastic and metal. Certain types of plastics are formulated to fuse with bone while others act as spacers between vertebrae. For patients with severe spinal curvature, entire systems are manufactured to aid in correction. These systems include titanium screws, rods and bar connectors. When attached to the pedicles of the spine, the rods promote normal posture.

Sternal Repair Accessories

With procedures such as heart surgery, the sternum must be cut through to operate. Sternal plates are used to fuse the sternum back together. These plates are used in conjunction with cables that wrap around the bone in order to secure them. Tiny screws affix the plates directly to the bone for added strength. These are just a few of the medical products that can be created using CNC technology.