How To Find A Good Stable For Your Horse

A lot of people who own horses have to find a stable for them to live in. When you love your horse and spend a lot of money caring for it, you want to ensure its living environment is a good one. There are many places to board your horse. Finding the right one can be time-consuming and tedious. You will want to ensure the stable owners and caretakers will put the health and happiness of your beloved horse above anything else. Good stables will have everything your horse needs to survive. In addition to the tips below for finding a good stable, it is important to purchase horse insurance. You can find many great policies from the best horse insurance companies . One great option is the company found at

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Qualtity Of Care

Like stated above, the safety and health of your horse is a top priority when choosing a boarding stable. When you are looking into potential stables, look to see how the other horses look. Do they look healthy and well-groomed? Is there enough space in the stalls for the horses to be comfortable? You should also look at the feed and hay quality, the water source and how much room there is for the horses to roam around in.


When considering the safety of a stable, check to see if there are any hazards. All windows, doors, fences, stalls, walls and ceilings need to be free of any hazards that your horse could be subjected to. Check to see if they have first aid kids, fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment on hand.


While the cost should never be the only factor considered, it is still very important to find a boarding stable you can afford. The fees between different stables can greatly influence your choice. Oftentimes, the costs will reflect where the stable is located and what the stable has to offer.

Choosing a boarding stable for your horse is not always the easiest choice. If you do pick a place, check in often and keep notice of the surroundings. If you find you become unhappy with how your horse is being taken care of, it is best to start looking for a new stable right away.