This 3D print technology can create artificial arteries and organ tissues

artificial arteries

Now, scientists have come up with a 3D printing technique that can recreate the complex geometry of blood vessels, highlighted a recent media report. Not just that, this technology could be used to generate artificial arteries and organ tissues. That is what a study published in the journal Nature Communications, have shown. The technique includes a layer-by-layer printing method that features fine-grain, programmable control over rigidity.

According to experts, the findings could result in better, more personalised treatments for those with hypertension and other vascular diseases.

“The idea was to add independent mechanical properties to 3D structures that can mimic the body’s natural tissue. This technology allows us to create microstructures that can be customised for disease models,” reportedly said Xiaobo Yin, an associate professor at University of Colorado (CU) Boulder in the US.

The researchers have also developed a unique way to make use of oxygen’s role in setting the final outline of the 3-D printed structure. “Oxygen is usually a bad thing in that it causes incomplete curing. Here, we utilise a layer that allows a fixed rate of oxygen permeation,” reportedly said Yonghui Ding, a postdoctoral researcher at CU Boulder.