The 10 Best Sandwiches from Around the World

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Cooks around the world know how to put together some pretty mouthwatering sandwiches.

Bánh mì — Vietnam


Bánh comes from the Vietnamese word for bread, and the super-soft rolls used help set these sandwiches apart from a typical sub. Filled with delicious grilled pork and loaded with pickled veggies, cilantro, mayo and jalapenos, the bánh mì is anything but boring.

Jambon-beurre — France

Perfect in its simplicity, the jambon-beurre brings together ham and butter on a crunchy baguette. You can add salty cornichons to this sandwich for extra crunch, or top it with melted Swiss cheese like this recipe suggests.

Panini — Italy

Tired of grilled cheese? Upgrade to a panino! (Panini is plural in Italian.) This hearty sandwich is usually ciabatta bread plus tons of Italian meats and cheeses, all pressed to perfection on a grill or in a panini maker (we love this one).

Shawarma — Middle East

Riffs on this delightful wrap are found throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East. Greek gyros and Turkish doner kebabs share the same lineage with the shawarma. Grilled meat is cut off a spit and placed in a pita with tons of vegetables. It’s fresh and filling.

Torta — Mexico

This is a Mexican classic you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can also eat your torta hot or cold, make it vegetarian-friendly, or satisfy your inner carnivore.

Vada Pav — India

Are you a vegetarian or opt for the occasional meat-free day? Try a vada pav. This Indian street food is made from fried potatoes well-seasoned with spice and popped in a bun with chutney and chilies.

Arepa — Colombia and Venezuela

Arepas are stuffed corn “cakes” that make great after-school snacks or a light lunch. The arepas are sliced, grilled, and served with a variety of fillings. Meat, chicken, cheese, egg … anything your heart desires, really. No wonder they’re so popular!

Cuban Sandwich — Florida

With Cuban origins that date back hundreds of years, the modern-day incarnation of this glorious sandwich comes from Florida’s vibrant Cuban community. This is easily our favorite way to use leftover pork roast. Need knockout finger food for an upcoming picnic or party? The Cuban has you covered!

Bocadillo — Spain

Bocadillos are a type of tapa, a small-portion Spanish appetizer. Fill your bread with an omelet, tuna, chicken, chorizo, pork, or cheese. It’s a simple affair and can be served hot or cold. Wash it down with a cool glass of sangria for the ultimate Spanish pick-me-up.

Chip butty — United Kingdom

The chip butty is a carb lover’s dream. Take one buttered roll and cram it full of thick-cut French fries (or chips, as our cousins across the Atlantic call them), dash on some malt vinegar and salt if you’d like, and tuck in. It’s a staple in all fish and chip shops!