Know how to treat age-related macular degeneration naturally

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Macular degeneration can be termed as an age-related eye disorder which can result in distorted and blurred vision. The macula (oval-shaped pigmented area near the centre of the retina) gets deteriorated. You may find it difficult to do your regular activities like reading, writing and many more. Age-related macular degeneration can be seen in the age group of 50 and above. Men and women both of them can get affected by it. But, it can also strike earlier. You may exhibit symptoms like straight objects can appear bent or wavy and if you view the objects with one eye you may experience the change in the size and the colour of an object. It can be a hereditary problem. Also according to studies women are more affected by it than men.

  • You can opt for green tea: Did you know that green tea can help you to tackle age-related macular degeneration? It can help you to protect from the free radical damage. Also, if you are suffering from degenerative visual disorders just grab a cup of green tea and you are sorted!
  • You can opt for grape seed extract: According to studies, grape seed extract is loaded with antioxidants and can protect your eyes from free radicals. Furthermore, it can also help you to keep cataracts at bay.
  • You should maintain proper eye hygiene: to deal with age-related macular degeneration, you have to take enough care of your eyes. Avoid activities like using mobile in the night or watching TV for long hours which can strain your eyes and macula. If you wear contact lenses keep it clean and away from dust. Always take off your lenses before sleeping.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol: According to studies, tobacco can increase your risk of macular degeneration. One should also reduce his/her liquor intake as excess alcohol intake is detrimental for people suffering from macular degeneration.