Taking care of your pets can help you stay healthy during monsoon

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If you spot that your pet is low or he is quiet and is not eating or behaving how he usually does, then it is time you should pay extra attention to him because if your pet is ill it can be problematic for you as well. Give your pet that much needed tender love and care because if your pet is healthy you can also stay healthy.

  • You can get skin infections from your dog: Remember, if your pet happens to get wet in the rains, see to it that you dry him thoroughly and pat dry your pet’s hair with a towel. Make sure that you don’t leave your pet’s hair damp as this will invite skin infections. So, use antifungal powders and use a good quality of shampoo. Moreover, you can also use a raincoat to protect your dog as you can also contract infections from your pet as there is a common bacteria found in the mouth of your cat and dog named  pasteurella which can cause skin infections. You may get infected by your pet’s saliva or licking.
  •   Your dog’s paws have tons of germs on them. DO NOT touch them: When your pet’s paws come in contact with the ground it can increase the chances of your dog suffering from infections as your dog can come directly in contact with viruses and bacteria. So, if you happen to take your pet out for a stroll, just see to it that he wears shoes because if your pet – dog is barefoot he can easily contract infections and  there are chances that you might also contract infections and fall ill. So, make sure you give utmost important to your pet’s hygiene.
  • Dog hair can aggravate your asthma: Monsoon can aggravate your asthma and if you have pets at home just be careful and keep a separate room for them as pets can worsen your symptoms.
  •  E coli,  salmonella and many more bacteria are found in pets – dogs and cats. Make sure that you give a fibrous diet to your dog during monsoon which can aid his digestion as these bacteria are not harmful for your pets but if they come in contact with human through the pets saliva it can wreak your well-being as they can cause intestinal diseases in human.