10 food items that look the same but are actually completely different

1. Look alike foods

Look alike foods

These food items seem similar and we often get confused between them, but they are not the same! Let’s try to understand what distinguishes them. Scroll down to know more about these similar looking items before you take your next trip to a grocery store:

2. Spaghetti and Noodles

Spaghetti comes from Italy. It is long and cylindrical in shape and is made from wheat flour and eaten with forks. Whereas noodles belong to China and are made with different ingredients and are traditionally eaten with chopsticks.

3. Mayonnaise and Sour Cream

Sour cream is prepared using milk, specifically by fermenting cream whereas mayonnaise is made using oil, beaten egg yolk and vinegar. The former does not have any seasoings while the latter has a variety of seasonings, like salt, herbs or spices.

4. Roti and Tortilla

Tortillas use lard or shortening to create a silky and smooth texture while roti dough relies upon vegetable oil, canola oil and sometimes no oil at all. A roti has about 160 calories while tortilla has 104 calories.

5. Tofu and Paneer

Tofu is fresh cheese made from soybean milk, while paneer is made from milk of animals like goat, cow and buffalo. 100 g of paneer has 265 calories whereas tofu on the other hand has only 62 calories.

6. Muffin and Cupcake

The texture of the muffin is usually dryer and slightly denser than cupcake. Cupcakes have frosting while muffins don’t have.

7. Pancakes and Crepes

Pancakes are made out of a batter which has a raising agent on the other hand crepe batter does not have raising agent. Pancakes are thicker than crepes.

8. Shake and Smoothie

Shakes are usually made from dairy products and contain flavorings and different toppings whereas smoothies are mostly made of fruits and vegetables and doesn’t have flavorings, sweeteners or other additives.

9. Soup and Stew

Stew has less liquid and more solid ingredients whereas soup contains small amounts of solid ingredients and more liquid. Stew is served in a plate while soup is always served in a bowl.

10. Dim sums and Momos

The major difference between momos and dim sums are in their method of preparation. Momos are prepared using maida and atta, while dim sums can be made from any type of flour including that of rice, potato starch and corn starch. Momos originated in Tibet while dim sums have their roots in the Cantonese region of China.

11. Cucumber and Zucchini

Cucumbers have a bumpy and rough outer covering while zucchinis have a waxy and smooth outer covering. The former is classified as fruit whereas the latter is a vegetable. Zucchinis are sweet and bitter at the same time while cucumbers are sweet.