If you think these foods are gluten free you’ll surely be shocked reading this

1. Common foods with gluten!

Common foods with gluten!

Lately, a lot of people are opting for gluten-free diet to stay healthy and fit. But, do you actually know, what exactly is it? Gluten is a kind of natural protein that’s found in cereal grains like wheat, barley, rye. Gluten acts as a glue to hold the food together and even affects the chewiness of the baked products. It is primarily made using two classes of protein – gliadin and glutenin. Now, there are several people who are gluten-intolerant or have sensitivity from gluten.

In our daily life, there are several foods (processed specifically) we eat that may have hidden gluten-content in it. If consumed by gluten intolerant people, this can lead to celiac diseases, which means damage in small intestine. To avoid this, you must read food labels carefully and should pay close attention to the ingredients used in making those foods. Here, we give you a list of 8 common foods that have gluten in them. Read more to find out…

2. Soy sauce

If you thought that the dinner you ate last night in your favourite Chinese or Thai joint was gluten-free, then you are highly mistaken. Soy sauce is traditionally prepared using fermented wheat and soybeans, and wheat is loaded with gluten.

3. Salad dressings

There are some pre-made salad dressings that contain gluten in them and you might have been enjoying those dressings in your “gluten-free” salads without even knowing about them. If you closely look at the nutrition content or the ingredients on the packaging of a salad dressing, you will see that some of them are made using wheat flour and thus have gluten content. So, before you have that healthy salad do ask for the nutritional value of the salad dressing.

4. Roux

This is something that you eat indirectly, as roux is a classic thickening agent used to prepare various sauces. It is made by cooking together equal amounts of wheat flour & fat until a nutty flavour and dark colour is achieved, and mind you, the flour has gluten in it. This roux is even added to various soups and gravies, which you may not be able to guess.

5. Processed meat

There are several processed meats like hot dogs and sausages that have flour added over for thickening purposes, while improving the texture of the meat. One should read the labels carefully, while going for these meats.

6. Oats

A powerhouse of nutrients, oats are commonly eaten for breakfast and are known as the healthiest grain on earth. But, do you know that oats have gluten content in it? Oats are generally grown with other grain crops like barley or wheat and even a little wind can pave way for cross-contamination, logically speaking! Also, oats contain a protein named avenin that can cause inflammation and damage the inner walls of small intestine thus creating bowel issues!

7. Cornbread

You should understand one thing here that ‘cornmeal’ is gluten-free and not ‘cornbread’ as, most of the cornbread are made using wheat or rice flour for a fine texture. Also, cornmeal is sometimes processed on the same machinery used for wheat, and in those cases cross-contamination make changes in the cornmeal. You must pay attention to the food labels for going ahead with the gluten-free cornmeal.

8. Candies

There are several candies that use sweeteners in them such as – malted barley syrup or even malt syrup. Now, malt and barley both have high gluten-content in them and thus cannot be termed gluten-free.

9. Cheese

Cheese is made using dairy products that are known for their gluten-free status. However, there are some cheese products that may have ingredients known for their gluten status. Often, blue cheese comes in the scrutiny as it is made using penicillium spores (commonly grown on rye bread that has gluten in it). Also, any shredded cheese that you get to see in stores or even cheese spread might have gluten in it, as they undergo additional processing. Also, when a single equipment or tool is used to process cheese along with gluten-containing products, cross-contamination is likely to happen.