Tips to remove excess salt from your dish

1. Ways to remove too much salt out of a dish!

Ways to remove too much salt out of a dish!

Can you imagine your food without salt? But adding too much salt makes the dish unpalatable. While there is a solution to having little salt in the curry, it becomes difficult to reduce salt from prepared dishes. Here are some easy tips and tricks to reduce excess salt from your food.

2. Water

If the gravy has too much salt, add water and boil it. Water is the most common solution used for balancing the excess salt in the dish.

3. Vinegar + sugar

To balance out excess salt, put a tbsp of white vinegar with a tbsp of sugar to your gravy.

4. Tomato

For Indian curry or gravy, you can add finely chopped tomatoes or tomato puree and cook for few more minutes.

5. Potatoes

Chop a few slices of raw potato and put them in the salty gravy, dal or soup. The potato slices will absorb the excessive salt from the dish. Let the potatoes remain in the dish for about 20 minutes and discard the potato slices before serving the dish.

6. Onion

Add raw onion and put it in the curry and remove it after a few minutes. This will balance the excess salt in the dish.

7. Milk

Coconut milk can be added to gravies to neutralise the excess salt and balance the flavours of the dish.

8. Flour dough

Make small balls of flour dough and put them in the curry with excess salt. Keep them for 10-15 minutes and the balls will soak excess salt from the dish. Take them out before serving.

9. Flour

Add a tsp of flour in the gravy. After 6-7 minutes, the flour will appear on the top layer as it soaks the excess salt from the gravy.

10. Curd or malai

Add 1-2 tablespoon of curd or malai in your curry to help in neutralising the extra salt effect.

11. More ingredients

Another quick fix is to add another batch of vegetables or other vegetables that pair well with the curry or gravy. Cook until everything gets combined well.