Four Things to Consider Before Choosing a Copier for Your Office

Are you thinking about getting a full-sized copier for your busy office? If so, there are some things to think about before making a final decision on one. Checkout four considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a copier for your office.

Measure the Area Set Aside for Your Copier

You probably have an idea of where you want the copier to go in your office. It’s likely you want it to be in a centralized location so most of your employees have easy access to it. If you want to put your copier in an alcove or against one wall, measure the area. This helps you to know how much space you will have around your copier once it’s put into place. It’s best to have a few inches of space on every side so there is adequate air circulation for the machine.

Get the Right Kind of Wheels for It

Getting medium caster wheels for your copier is an excellent idea. They should be able to handle the weight of the device and lock into place via the brake on each one, so your copier won’t move. Putting wheels on your copier allows you to move it out to clean behind it or even find a different spot for it in the office.

Is It Easy to Use?

Be sure to check the instructions on a copier before you buy it. Is it easy to figure out how to make a simple copy? Some copiers are more difficult to operate than others, so it’s best to get one with straightforward directions so all of the employees will know how to use it.

Consider the Additional Costs

Some additional costs related to a copier include the price of toner and ink. Also, figure in the cost of yearly maintenance to make sure the device is running at its most efficient. If all of these costs work nicely into your budget, then it’s worth having a copier in your office.

Finally, remember to take a soft cloth to wipe down your copier each day. Dust can collect on the buttons, trays and glass of a copier making it look dirty. A simple ten second cleaning each day can keep your office copier looking its best.