Which KPI should you use for my mobile app marketing plan

Marketing an mobile app is not an easy task top perform. Certainly, there is no shortage of metrics, numbers and accurate results meter that can help the app to analyze the marketing strategy. One can advertise first then later depend on the organic searches.

The makes more interesting is that it is different between KPI and metrics. However, many of the metrics are also considered as KPI.

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What is KPI?

KPI stands for Key performance indicator where one can find the key places where the app is performing better than the rest of the areas.

Difference between KPI & Metrics

So how badly the KPI is important for the start-up app, we are gonna use some real time excamples performed and gained success in matter of weeks.

What does the KPI shows you and what you can do with the following metric.

Rise in Downloads

Considering the amount of the traffic the app receiving from the parameter shown by the KPI. What is the use of an app if the is unable to generate revenue enough to clear up the development investment cost to make it this far? I’m talking about their number of downloads and which is over 100,000 or above. Get some android app reviews to gain rankings in the google play store. You can focus on the metrics but it nearly doesn’t tell you the financial gains.

Google or Apple Store Rankings

I assume you already know that many of the users are seeking for a suitable app under your category. They are making an effort to reach your category app and you must try to make an effort to make it easy for them to approach. To get noticed, you have boost your rankings on the App store. This will increase the visibility on the search engine and app store. This is possibly the only simple and easy way to get more downloads in a short period of time. You can get more attention and loyal regular users because they found your app manually.

Revenue Per User

An app that also helps users to entertain or help them on their daily task then how about it can help you get some in return and assist you with some funds. KPI is also convince you to the visibility also assist you in financial gains. Developers of the always thinking about the revenue and yes, when you combine the key factors of the apps you can get a good idea on how you can leverage the present the traffic and make some dollars out of it. Generating high revenue is not an simple task but it can be an interesting factor because if you know your audience better, the better services, offers or upgrades you can sell.

Conversion Rate

When the developers are thinking about their next strategy then you can probably see some changes like make payments, surveys, in-app purchases and upgrades so that the developers can generate decent amount of revenue. It also depend on the factor that the Game or the app has the value enough to get that sort of premium services. If your services are poor or over priced users aren’t going to buy it.

Once you understand the big picture here, you can take necessary steps to determine the exact value of then each user and how much does the user bring on the table. The information can be useful and with effort you can decide, how much you should be investing and how much does the user can spend on your premium package.


KPI is crucial for mobile app marketing plan and it cannot determine which KPI method to use for your category app because there are too many category and each has different methods and strategy but you can make changes while using KPI methods.