Planning Well For Your Medical Career – Top Advice

Being a doctor is one of the most sacred things that a human can ever do. By doing so, he is dedicating a lion share of his time to the needy and he owes himself a sacrificial life where he might be forced to skip his favorite life moments and family gatherings due to his work. As it is a dedicated and sacrificing profession, a doctor to be aspirant should always practice dedication, hard work and empathy from the earlier stage. He should be punctual and organised even before he gets admitted to the Medical entrance seat. That’s the reason for keeping the exams tougher. Because the profession demands it, and the happiness and self-respect of being a doctor are worth the sacrifices!


Plan from the beginning

If you love to be a doctor, always remember that there is a lot to study. The competition is higher and there are only limited MBBS seats. So you have to stay competitive in the examinations. For this, you have to prepare as early as you can. If you could prepare yourselves after class 10, it would be great. The syllabus for Medical entrance examinations cannot be covered in a month or two. It requires consistent learning. So, bite what you can chew. Start it from the very beginning, learn little by little and cover the whole syllabus at the end of the year. Do not wait until you receive AIPMT admit card .Buy COMEDK form or Other state entrance forms on time and submit the COMEDK application form, AIPMT form and others forms promptly.

An early preparation can say to be a half success if it is maintained consistently.

Have dedication, by all means

While preparing for Medical entrance examinations, you will have to spare at least 70 percent of your time on studies. Even if it is easy to hear, it’s a bit difficult to follow. You will have to take notes at midnight or have to read aloud in early mornings. But trust me, these are all worth it! Consider these as training for the MBBS profession that demands 1100 percent dedication. Never lose focus on the goal. Collect each and every study material you can and make use of it. Dedication starts with hard work. When you pull tighter, the goal comes closer!

Develop learning skills

The syllabus of the medical entrance exams is not restricted to the NCERT textbooks or the MCQs of famous publishers. Questions can be asked generally and indirectly. You should be willing to answer even if the questions are asked in a different way. To attain this capability, you should have a complete understanding of the base concept and the core subject. Try to learn from as many sources as you can. When you start to study a word eye, then read the textbook, go through the collected references and have a glance at the internet. It can help you to understand a very big amount of information in less time and with zero efforts.

Revise till exams

Revision keeps you refreshed and updated. Each time you revise a topic, you are reassuring that you have studied the topic well and is still remembering it. Thus, a revision process helps in

  • Confirming that you have studied the topic
  • Making sure that you still remember the points
  • Improving memory and confidence levels

Try to schedule maximum revisions as possible. You should at least do 2 or 3 revisions in the last weeks of exams. While revising, Take shot notes and keep them safe while revising. Do not skip any topics as the questions may come from any parts. Even if you have less time, skip the insignificant parts in the final revisions only. Till then, during each daily revision, keep that information updated.

Find time for team works

Work like ants when you want to attain something big. You might have noticed ants those who work as a team to lift a big rice grain. Here, each of the ants is taking equal efforts and the result is common. As such, take time for group studies and share your knowledge. This saves the time for individual reading and will make you understand deeper about the topics. Each one of the group might know each topic. So when you study as a group, the knowledge will be shared and everyone will be enlightened


Hope these tips help you a bit and motivated you to push harder. All the best for your exams.