Stamina 1690 Power Tower – Ultimate Equipment For in-Home Fitness

Stamina is a globally recognized brand known for its high quality and durable health and fitness products. It has introduced a wide range of fitness equipment in the market including Pull-up bars as well. Stamina 1690 Power Tower is one of such pull-up/chin-up bars introduced by Stamina that facilitates you with multiple workout stations to strengthen and tone your entire body. This is quite popular because of its space saving design and low cost along with its capability to offer a workout for your chest, abs, back, triceps dips, and arms. This complete article discloses all the features of Stamina 1690 that everyone must know.



Its assembled size consists of a length of 49 inches, width of 42.5 inches and height of 81 inches. Its assembled design offers a wider space for user to easily and conveniently perform exercise.

Compact Size

It features free standing footprints that can fit even your small space easily thus makes this pull up or chin up equipment suitable for people having space limitations. Since most of the homes have space limitations thus the a compact size has been designed keeping space limits in mind.

Multiple Exercise Stations

This Stamina 1690 pull up bar offers multiple workout stations thus helping you to workout for different aspects of your upper body like shoulders, biceps, arms, chest and more. By making you to focus on all such aspects this Stamina 1690 pull up bar helps to develop your full upper body by toning your muscles perfectly.

Secure and Comfortable Hand Grips

Stamina 1690 offers a comfortable and non-slip hand grips that helps to complete your workout smoothly. You will even not feel that you have gripped a metal handle since every handle in this equipment is padded using a smooth and non-slip foam.

High Bars

High bars featured by this pull up bar helps you in performing chin ups confidently. These high bars offer a comfortable platform for your power and cross fit chins.

Foot Bars

Stamina 1690 pull up/chin up bar also carries wide and subtle foot bars that enable you to perform sit-ups and crunches securely.

Shoulder-width Grips

The shoulder width grips carried by this equipment helps you to do pushups and thus sculpt the chest for a fully developed upper body.


This fitness equipment carries a solid and high grade steel construction that is a reflection of its durability and long lasting capacity. Its solid steel frame offers a great support for your workout hence you can enjoy your exercise without any insecurity about its safety and stability.

Weight Capacity

This Stamina 1690 power tower can easily combat a weight of up to 260 lb. This equipment itself weighs 54 pounds. The weight capacity have been set keeping its use limited to the personal level thus making it specially in home health and fitness equipment.


The total cost one need to incur for buying this Stamina 1690 pull up/chin up bar is $199.99. Thus you can enjoy so many fitness benefits with this single equipment at a quite affordable price. In fact by having this equipment for your home, you will be doing a little one time investment to own such a beneficial property that will keep meeting your fitness goals for life time.

Final Words about Stamina 1690 Power Tower

For such an affordable price, this pull up bar cannot be beaten up by any other product of its range. Since it facilitates your workout in a wide variety of ways. I must say that this a very good solution for people who want to be in shape at home without spending their precious time in local gyms.