DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissma Touch Automatic Coffee Machine

The Good: The DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissma Touch automatic espresso machine is indeed a good value, feature-packed machine when it comes to a milk and pod machine. The carafe opens up a wide range of drinks that other basic capsule machines don’t really offer. You get fresh milk foam and your favorite drinks (cappuccinos, espressos, ristrettos, latte macchiatos, lungos and frothy hot milk) in single touch.


The Bad: It is tricky to fill water tank, which is wide with a slim depth and a hinged lid that doubles as a carry handle, which is why it is a bit tricky to fill it using a tap since the lid also gets in the way. However, you can always try filling it up with a jug. The milk unit needs regular cleaning, which might seem troublesome to a few people but then it’s for your own hygiene and health. And this coffee machine is restricted to compatible pods so we would recommend you to try the Nespresso pods beforehand so as to make sure that you like the coffee’s taste.

The Bottom Line: DeLonghi patented the ‘automatic cappuccino system to obtain real cappuccino and lattes automatically into a glass. The DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissma Touch Automatic coffee machine is the latest in the line Lattissma machines, a range which has been going strong since the time it was launched in 2007. This Espresso machine is a one-stop shop for the milky coffee drinkerdue to its amazing set of features.

DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissma Touch Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Just like all the other Espresso machines in this line, it is compact, uses Nespresso pods and comes with an automatic milk foaming carafe that can be connected to the coffee machine when needed and can be stored in the fridge when it’s not required.Itssix preset tactile beverage buttons let you choose your favorite coffee drink with a single touch – ristrettos, cappuccinos, latte macchiatos, espressos, lungos and frothy hot milk. And then all of its drink settings can be modified as per your needs and wants.

Ultimate Features

This new Nespresso Lattissma Touch automatic coffee machine also features:

  • practical system of capsules introduction and automatic ejaculation of capsules
  • It consists a thermo block heating system and a reduced heating up time (just 25 seconds)
  • high-performing 19-bar pressure pump, 0.9-litre water tank, 350ml milk carafe, H25.8 x W17.3 x D32cm
  • sliding drip tray allows the use of both coffee cups and latte glasses
  • It has 2 cleaning alert buttons for de-scaling which also helps in milk carafe cleaning
  • collecting tank for used capsules (10 capsules)
  • removable water tank
  • cable storage underneath the machine to adjust cable length

Valued Features

DeLonghi’s Nespresso Lattissma Touch automatic coffee machine makes it easier to enjoy your favorite drinking flavors with its –

  • Auto power off function: This coffee machine makes things easier for you with its auto power off mode setting that automatically powers off the machine after 9 minutes from the last coffee you prepared using it.
  • Automatic cappuccino system: As mentioned above, DeLonghi patented the ‘automatic cappuccino system’ so as to obtain delicious cappuccinos, latte macchiatos or hot milk easily.
  • New tactile interface: This coffee maker has a new, elegant interface with six preset buttons that let you pick from your favorite drinks in a quick, easy, simple and intuitive way.
  • Personalized drinking option: All drinks can be personalized and memorized, by varying your preferred amount of coffee and milk, so that you get your drink just the way you like it.

Design and Looks

This coffee machine features an elegant design with a new tactile interface and is available in four different color options: white, red, grey and black/white. You can choose whichever color or color combination best suits your taste.

Final Say

If you are one of those coffee lovers who love tasting and enjoying different drinking flavors like the ristrettos, cappuccinos, latte macchiatos, espressos, lungos and frothy hot milk, and you’re willing to save on your monthly café costs, then this Nespresso Lattissma Touch Automatic coffee machine by DeLonghi is one of the most affordable and convenient ways to do it. You must get yourself this Espresso machine and enjoy your drinks everyday!