The What and Why’s of Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing and why would anyone want it? That is the question of any professional wondering why they should place their important files in external sources via an intangible are known as the cloud. Cloud computing stores files and programs online rather than on a desktop. Users can locate those files and programs in an online environment. There are three major benefits to this setup.


Cloud computing saves money. With a typical computer setup, you’re paying for the computers, servers, backup servers, programs and technical support. Those charges start the minute you set up an office space. You may even buy extra, getting prepared for every possible minuscule amount of growth. Compare that to the setup costs of a cloud computing environment: you pay for computers and the programs and storage you need. Backups are handled off-site. You can get technical support for the software from the provider. There’s less equipment, less possibility for damage and off-site backup. You receive this these benefits with a smaller start up cost.


Off-site servers store multiple copies of the same information so nothing gets lost and you are always connected. This is called redundancy, and cloud computing has made redundancy an art form. If one server goes down, a user is sent to the next server and life goes on. Different services provide different levels of redundancy. Look at a cloud computing services to get an idea of the resources available. also outlines the different types of cloud service.


Cloud computing grows with your company. Think of the earlier example of a startup company buying extra in preparation for growth. Maybe it’s because they expect to grow quickly or are buying in bulk. Whatever it is, they are spending more money on something they don’t currently need. Cloud computing is scalable. You can buy what you need and then buy more without having to rework your current setup. Your needs can drop again, and your cloud computing service – and cost – can drop too. These changes to your service can happen in minutes.

Cloud computing offers more technology and more professionals while requiring less space and less money. That is cloud computing, and that’s why many want it.