FeaturesWindows Introduced BeforeAndroid andiOS

There are plethora of articles on the net with regard to the stunning features brought by Android and Apple. But when it comes to Windows, there’s hardly any spotlight on the features introduced by them first which later even got incorporated by Google and Apple. The reason is that Windows is not among the most popular operating systems in the world. However you might be surprised to know that the very same operating system launched some awesome features which were so useful thateven Apple and Google went on to adopting them. Here is a list of those very features:

Optical image stabilization

Once upon a time there used to be an era where optical image stabilization feature could only be found on camera and digital recorders. But that got ruled out when Nokia 920 was launched. Nokia 920 was actually a game-changer since it was the first smartphone in India to be equipped with OIS (Optical image stabilization). OIS helps in taking clear pictures even in low light conditions and reduce the blur motion rate.


Liquid cooling

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor chip set is the most advanced processor. It offers faster processing, advanced connectivity options and also a lasting battery life. But the chipset is notorious as it has one major issue i.e. heating up the phone. With Android phones equipped with this chipset, it’s unavoidable to escape the heating issue. But not with a windows phone! When Nokia has to use the same chipset for Lumia 950XL, they decided to take hold of the grave matter. That’s how they came up with liquid cooling which prevent their smartphone from getting heated up! Check out fabulous windows phone online and do not forget to use Shopclues coupons to avail tempting Cashback offers.


Glance screen

Does it not get irritating at times when you want to see the time and have to move your hands to turn on the display on your phone? I am sure it certainly is during those extreme lazy mode days. Nokia ruled even this limitation out when it launched Nokia Lumia 925. Known as glance screen and ambient display, this kind of screen offers time and notifications without you having to turn on the display. This feature was also first introduced by Nokia.



Continuum is among the signature features of Windows 10 phones. Thanks to this wonderful feature, the user interface will automatically adapt to the situation it is in. With Continuum, you can use your windows phone as a PC. This feature directly translates into a bigger productivity level. All you have to do is use an adaptor or dock to connect to a monitor or TV. You can then view your content on the big screen. You can even use a keyboard or mouse to derive more benefits out of this feature.


IRIS recognition

Windows was the first one to make the IRIS recognition feature widely available to the public. This feature was integrated in phones Lumia 950XL and 950. With an iris scanner, users can unlock their phone without a password by using Windows Hello. Setting up IRIS recognition feature is not a complex task. You can set it up by following some easy steps. Even affordable Android based smartphones today come with a fingerprint scanner to up the security level. Make use of Paytm offers present on CashKaroto get discounts when purchasing such a smartphone for yourself.


Nokia was also the first one to get offline maps in its smartphones! If you own a Windows phone, I am sure you must be feeling proud right now.