Siri In iOS 9 May Be Able To Recognize Different Voices

iPhone 6

Apple’s Siri is coming to the new Apple TV and Apple’s ‘Hey Siri’ feature in iOS 9.1 will be getting some new features.

According to MacRumors, Siri in iOS 9.1 will be able to recognize different voices, this was apparently discovered in the new iOS 9.1 beta which was released last week.

The screenshot below shows a new setup screen for the ‘Hey Siri’ feature and it says that ‘This helps Siri recognize your voice when you say “Hey Siri”‘.

hey siri

This would mean that Siri would be able to tell the difference between different peoples voices and you would be able to use the feature with your voice, but if someone else who does not have their voice registered with you handset, picked it up and said Hey Siri, then we presume Siri would ignore them.

Apple has not released any information about this new feature, as soon as we get some more details on exactly what it will be used for, we will let you guys know.