Raspberry Pi RRDTool And Hoghcharts Lets You Chart The Weather

Raspberry Pi

If you are interested in building Raspberry Pi mini PC projects, as well as charting the weather in your locality. You might be interested in a new article that has been published that explains how to gather chart temperatures using a Raspberry Pi, RRDTool and Hoghcharts.

For full details on how to create your own weather charting system using the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC jump over to the Tafkas’ Blog via the link below.

Tafkas’ Blog explains :

For quite a long time I was looking for a way to monitor and record th temperature and humidity at my apartment. What was missing was a convenient, preferably wireless solution. After receiving my RaspberryPi I started to look into that more intensively.

The USB Weather Data Receiver USB-WDE1 wirelessly receives data from various weather sensors of ELV at 868 MHz. The receiver is connected to a USB port on the computer, so no additional power supply is required. The data is transmitted via a simple serial ASCII protocol, which is well documented by ELV. The RasberryPi running Raspbian is used for the data acquisition allowing very little power consumption while being completely flexible.