NOTIFYOU iBeacon Reminder System Launches On Kickstarter

Reminder Tool

Grant Adams has taken to Kickstarter this month to promote his new reminder tool which he has designed to provide a way of alerting you to tasks using a companion smartphone application and iBeacon hardware.

To learn more about the NOTIFYOU reminder system, watch the video below to see the system demonstrated and how it may be to help you remind you of those tasks you sometimes forget to do.

The Kickstarter project is aiming to raise $25,000 to make the jump from concept into production. Adams its inventor explains a little more about the inspiration behind the new reminder system and hardware.

When we started drafting ideas for Notifyou, it was because we wanted a better way to be reminded of tasks without having to rely only on time based or fickle GPS reminders. We all live in a world where we need to remember things, yet the current options are not as helpful as they could be.

Notifyou is a combination of a purpose built phone app that allows you to set reminders for yourself and others. The app allows you to create networks which can include your family, friends & colleagues. You invite people to join each network, and then users within the network can set reminders for each other. The Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon, which is the hardware part of Notifyou, provides the location based alerts to the App on the phone.

And setting reminders is super easy! All you have to do is pick the user, pick the beacon, and then create the reminder. When the person is close to the beacon, it will send out a signal to their phone and the reminder will pop up on their screen.