HandyCase Adds Touch Control To The Back Of Your iPad


Tong Luo has created a new mobile device casing called the HandyCase, that can be added to Apple’s iPadtablets and enables touch controls to be added to the rear of the tablet.

Allowing users to keep the screen free from messy fingers and easy to see when in use. Providing full operation of your Apple mobile device using your fingers from behind your screen.

Watch the video below to learn more about this unique and revolutionary control device for the iPad tablet, that is sure to add a new range of functionality to already existing applications and games as well as those in development.

The HandyCase is currently over on Kickstarter looking to raise $100,000 to take the concept into production and thanks to over 110 backers is already on its way, raising over $44,000 in just the first few days after launch. Its creators explain a little more about the inspiration and design behind the HandyCase :

Our idea is developed by leading talents in Silicon Valley, California and protected by numerous patents. Our sleek design is crafted by top industrial design firm and artists in the United States and in Europe. Our high quality and low cost product is made by a reputable Chinese manufacturer.

All mobile device users can benefit from this technology on a daily basis.Your kids, your siblings, your parents, your best friends, HandyCase makes it easier to interact with your mobile devices. We have developed games and apps to prove our technology is not only beneficial, but also practical and fun. HandyCase is available for iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPad Mini 2&3 and iPad Air 2.


Jump over to the Kickstarter website to make a pledge from just $99 to be one of the very first to own the revolutionary control device.