Digitised Indian Maps to Soon Hit the Web: Natmo

The National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation (Natmo) is developing a digital library and within a year people would have access to an e-version of Indian maps, the department of science and technology announced in Kolkata on Thursday.

“Natmo is developing a digital library and the proposal is under consideration by the DST. It will be implemented soon,” Ashutosh Sharma, secretary in the department of science and technology said during the 60th anniversary celebrations of Natmo.

The organisation is engaged in compilation of the national atlas of India in Hindi, English and other regional languages, as well as preparation of thematic maps based on socio-economic, physical, cultural, environmental, demographic and other issues.

Sharma said thematic maps would be available in digital version within a year. This also includes launch of web applications of location-based services of the maps prepared by Natmo.

In addition to providing technology foresight to Natmo, Sharma said a committee of scientific experts would be formed to develop a scientific vision.

“The committee would serve as a scientific interface between DST and Natmo to decide in which direction we should be moving. It will be formed of experts in the area and who also have vision about the future. It will help sensitise them to digital platforms and shift technologies in that direction,” Sharma said.

According to Natmo director Bhoop Singh, maps and data will be put in the open-access domain within a few months.

“Natmo products should be in convergence with the government’s schemes and not in isolation,” Singh added.