Bastron Glass Smart Keyboard


Today’s Geeky Gadgets Deal is the Bastron Glass Smart Keyboard with 30% off, this keyboard normally retail for $200 and we have it available in the deals store for $139.99.

The Bastron Glass Smart Keyboard comes with touch sensitive keys and also gesture controls, the keyboard is ultra slim and comes with an aluminum frame.


The future of computing is here and it looks like smooth glass floating above glowing blue lights. The Glass Keyboard by Bastron eliminates the infamous broken keyboard button and ergonomic mouse clicking catastrophe we all face more than we’d like to admit. Use the Bastron as a mouse as well as a keyboard with its touch sensitive key and gesture controls, so you can swipe, scroll, click, and type with ease. It’s as smart as it is attractive, and its intuitive functionality is sure to help you be more productive with every word typed.

You can now get the Bastron Glass Smart Keyboard for $139.99 with Geeky Gadgets Deals.