AeroCharge Wind Powered Bike Smartphone Charger

AeroCharge Wind Powered Bike Smartphone Charger

Jonathan Roberts has created a unique wind powered smartphone charger he has created called the AeroCharge. Watch the video below to learn more about this very new way of charging your smartphone while cycling.

Which is mounted to the handlebars of your bike and consists of four revolving fans that generate power which is then transferred to your smartphone as you cycle along.

During the prototype stages Jonathan 3D printed is concepts to test out different designs. The final solution uses a small 4 x 2V low-inertia generators that are powered by each of the four fans to provide maximum power output and efficiency.

The system is also fitted with a regulator that checks the current and power to your smartphone is the correct voltage and amperage ensuring that your smartphone battery isn’t overloaded as you pick up speed, Jonathan Explains a little more about his device and the inspiration behind it.

As you cycle, potential energy passes by as wind. This energy is wasted unless it is harnessed and turned into electricity. What AeroCharge does is convert this potential energy into electricity which can then be used to charge up and power a mobile phone whilst you cycle.

The circuit inside the product has a regulator connected to the USB socket. This means that the smartphone can draw as much amperage and voltage (charge) as it needs from the battery and the circuit will regulate to that amount, allowing the device to juice up safely. This is in place to prevent damage to your phone because different devices need different amounts of voltage and amperage in order to charge. All you need is to connect your USB to smartphone lead and you’re good to go.