This 3D Printed Machine Sorts Skittles By Color

skittlesAre you a diva who prefers eating Skittles of a particular color? Maybe you have a minion who sorts them for you. Well, that person is out of a job now. This 3D printing project will do it for you.

It was created by Hackaday user MrPrezident (Nathan Peterson). It is a 3D printed machine that can sort Skittles by color all by itself. It does this by using a built-in color sensor that can differentiate the hues of the candy.

The machine also has an Arduino Uno board, a polarising filter to help prevent glare, and a small LED. Consider it your Skittles butler.


Peterson says, “I started working on this project because I thought it would be a fun project as it has some unique challenges, and it gave me the chance to make heavy use of my newly acquired 3D printer. I wanted to build a compact machine that would sort skittles accurately and quickly.”

Sadly, it will not sort M&Ms. Peterson claims that it could, but M&M’s are smaller and could get stuck. M&Ms also have six colors while the machine can only detect five. Still, it’s a fun project and fun to watch as well.