Pterostilbene – A Knowhow

Pterostilbene is a chemical that is naturally derived from a plant. This is a supplement that is similar to the Resveratrol. This is present in many of the fruits like the blueberries and grapes etc.


There are many uses for this chemical which may include

  • The memory power of the individual gets improved. The memory of the brain occurs by the connection with many neurons. By maintaining this connection memory power can be retained as same even by the aging of a person. Pterostilbene pertain some of the supplement ingredients like Citicoline .This helps in the maintaining the memory power of an individual. This is a neuro transmitter which helps in the memory recall and the formation.
  • Aging of the person also gets protected.
  • According to, this balances the hormone of the body and also the energy metabolism gets improved.
  • This helps in regulation of dopamine. Dopamine is essential for the mood regulation and the feelings of pleasure.
  • Infection problems can also be prevented by using this Pterostilbene
  • Many kinds of the degenerative diseases are caused due to the damage of the cells. Pterostilbene helps in reducing all the reasons that limits the life of a person due to many diseases. This might also prevent the degeneration of many organs in the body.
  • This acts as an anti oxidant. This cause in destroying the free radical i.e., the molecules that lead to the damage of the oxygen. Free radicals cause in the degeneration of the cells.
  • Inflammation sometimes becomes the cause of many diseases such as arthritis and cancer. Body might produce excessive amount of enzymes that produces inflammation. This enzymes are sphingosine kinas and phospholipase D. Pterostilbene works as an anti-inflammatory agent thereby preventing excess amount of these enzymes.
  • This helps in the prevention of the cell death in the body thereby acting on the genes. Genes are the part of the body that have a major role in development of the physical structure of the body.
  • Many of the aging defects are prevented by this supplement.
  • This influences the genes thereby prevention of the cell death and also helps in preventing the spread of cancer cells.
  • This helps in the prevention of stress that is caused to the heart .The hardening of the arteries are also prevented from this.
  • This is used as a solution for the treatment of Alzheimer’s

It is found that dosage with a lower rate pertains with a low rate of cognition and this is one of the components in the blue berry fruit. This has helped a lot for the decrease in cholesterol level and glucose .The recommended dosage level for this is given as 50 mg and 250 mg. The immunity level of the body also gets increased with Pterostilbene. Brain health is maintained with the help of this supplement. The main factor that this helps is keeping the brain structures protected from any kind of decay. Pterostilbene helps in reducing the blood sugar level of the body and the proteins that gets damaged are cleaned from the liver.

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