A typical review on sales and discounts offered by online shopping


Our retail shopping experience has now been taken up by online stores, whether it is clothes, furniture, electronic devices or whatever, we first check the price and details of a thing on an online store and than decide if it is to be bought online or offline. With online shopping’s increased trend in the past years people have become more aware of things that they are being offered.

There is immense competition in the e-retail market and each and every company within its own limits, is trying its best to attract customers by giving various discounts and deals. If you would just search for a product on Google, you will find 2-3 ads redirecting to online sites while many other names of online shopping sites in the list. But are all of the sites legit? Do these discounts have a meaning? Lets talk about it more deeply.


My say on the big sales and discounts

According to me, what I concluded from the e-retails firms’ big Deewali/Christmas/New year sales, is that the company lowers price to such an extent where people think its really a hefty discount and they buy the product. But what you as customers do not understand is that the company is letting its old stock out in the name of a big discounted sale, old stuff that wasn’t sold is now being purchased by you. Besides this aspect, we personally think that these online sales somehow somewhere prove bad to one or more of us. Consider this, my neighbor ordered a mobile phone in a sale and instead of the phone he got a soap bar in the box, though after many calls and talks the company made a refund but imagine all the effort he had to do in order to get his money back. Jabong offers are the best ones.

Offers and deals are good of course but only if you avail them from good and reputed websites, i personally follow a rule, i.e. Not to make a big purchase from a new company, you buy a small thing m, use it and if it turns out to be good you can order for other things. You can go for myntra coupons code to avail discount.


Things revealed about online sales and discounts in the past

During the past two years many companies came with big sales 2-3 days online discount sales that created a lot of buzz and generated great revenues for these companies. But there were some revelations about these sales too, reports said that companies increased the price of a product on the day of sale and than sold it at its usual selling price, but customers being unaware of these thought that the products were on heavy discounts and lots of products were sold.

If you ask me personally, i am not a fan of big sales and discounts as they are mostly fooling us in some or the other way. But yes legit companies offering nominal discounts our what i give my attention to, as there are less chances of receiving fake products. I make online purchases from fashion related e-stores more than anything else offers from CouponDekho is the most reliable than anything in this particular industry.

Next time you shop online make sure you get the thing at the right price, not at any spinned price by a company.

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