MagCable Magnet Cable Connector Supports Both Android And iOS

MagCable Magnet Cable

aMagic has created a new type of magnetic cable called MagCable which supports both android and iOSdevices and has been designed to make makes it easier to connect and disconnect your mobile devices, portable games consoles, tablets and more from charging and syncing.

MagCable is being marketed as a ‘revolutionary magnetic USB cable’ that keeps your mobile connected easily that provides a ‘simple solution that changes your entire charging experience’, says its creators.

Watch the video below to learn more how the system works and is cross compatible allowing you to use one cable to charge multiple devices that may be equipped with a variety of different connection.

We all went through the problem with fraying cables, struggling to connect cable with mobile in the dark, and many more hassle.  As simple as it can get, MagCable provides magnetic connectivity with light indicator to make your life easier!

• You can connect USB cable with your mobile easily via the magnetic connection.
• You can detach the cable by simply bending its plug.
• A light indicator in cable plug helps you to locate your cable in the dark easily.
• A dust and water proof design prevents damages at the charging socket.
• A charging switch on cable lets you switch between data transfer and fast charging mode easily.


The MagCable Is currently overall kick starter looking to raise £50,000 to help take the concept into production and has pledges available from just $12 or £8 and allows you to select the connectors you would like to use.

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