Apple WatchOS 2 Microsoft Translator App Will Reveal Time-Aware Local Phrases

Apple WatchOS 2 Translator App

Microsoft has today announced updates to its Microsoft Outlook and Translator applications for the Apple Watch and iOS 9, that brings with it the ability for the Apple wearable device to be able to reveal time-aware local phrases when you’re abroad.

Microsoft Translator for iPhone and Apple Watch was unveiled a month ago, when it was made available from the Apple iTunes App Store. Within the latest update a recent or pinned translation can now be played back later through the watch speaker and local common phrases will be shown relevant to the time of day.

Microsoft explains a little more about the new features you can expect when iOS 9 and WatchOS 2 launches in the coming months.

When you’re abroad, the watch face will automatically show you common phrases like “good morning” and “goodbye” in the local language based on your location and the time of day. Using Time Travel, you can see phrases for a later time, like “good night.” This makes it easier to communicate when traveling.

Outlook will show you essential information about your next appointment and incoming email. With Time Travel, you can turn the Digital Crown of the watch to check your Outlook calendar appointments for later today and tomorrow.

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